Ortho C


The author provides the context surrounding the drills in the chapter The Procedure, such as designing the lens to suit the need, determining the sequence of wear, and conducting resistance tests. He explains, too, that there are no side effects—no halo effects, no decreases in night vision, no eye tearing up, no scarring, no undercorrection or overcorrection, no progressive visual acuity deterioration, and no regular risks incurred by wearing a standard RGP lens because the lens is worn for only 5 minutes or less—the time it takes to perform the drill. And Ortho C is a fraction of the cost of laser surgery. 

The volume also presents a method to treat secondary refractive errors, such anisometropia, anisometropic amblyopia, and compound astigmatism where the astigmatism is high, as well as primary refractive errors where both eyes are slightly outside the model.

This volume provides what you need to know to treat myopia and other vision problems naturally with the author’s cutting-edge treatment approach. The methods outlined here will be invaluable for those in the medical profession, naturopaths, psychiatrists, psychologists, and researchers—as well as for eye care specialists, of course.