Ortho C


The 320 page monograph published in 2020 contains the following information:

This volume introduces and explains an eye-opening treatment for correcting nearsightedness and related vision problems naturally and neurologically. In The Neurological Treatment for Nearsightedness and Related Vision Problems: A Guide to Vision Improvement Based on 30 Years of Research, the author presents his methodology on neurologically correcting primary refractive errors in the mild and moderate myopic range. Ortho C. (or orthoculogy, which is Latin for “correcting the whole eye”) is a natural treatment, requiring no alteration to the cornea. 

The author, a Canadian registered optician, explains that the main culprit of myopia is the excessive tension of the oblique muscles. He describes his successful treatment that reduces the excessive tension to reinstate the proper neurological message of the eye. The procedure is based on a plain “flexible” pair of contact lenses (without any prescription). The Ortho C lens acts as a catalyst to activate the ciliary muscle to manipulate the lens, which, in turn, activates the rectus muscles to manipulate the eyeball. It is the motor cortex that relays the proper message to those muscles to synchronize the lens and eyeball.